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RKN Global enhances the security of countries, their citizens, and businesses through state-of-the-art identity document screening and through consultancy services in the fields of anti-money laundering, compliance, due diligence, security and dispute resolution.

In our day, as terrorists and dangerous criminals seek to cross international borders, proper verification of passports and identification documents is more important than ever.

Governmental and private organizations which serve a huge flow of customers often do not have at their fingertips the tools to determine in real time whether passports or identity documents in front of them are valid or suspect.

Information required to verify identity documents is fragmented, stored in different, nonintegrated databases. Using this information in a convenient and reliable way, especially by entities like airlines, hotels or banks that serve a large flow of customers, is difficult and often impossible.

There is therefore an urgent need for the efficient and systematic screening of passports and identity documents in order to reduce risk and increase security.

The role of RKN-Pass.

There is still no single comprehensive way to provide effective protection against the use of invalid documents and the entry of false data in the initial stages of travel, opening of bank accounts, and use of private or government services. Current market leaders are primarily focused on complex and costly verification of the security features of documents.

RKN Pass fills sensitive gaps in international identification practices by using unmatched technical expertise and sophisticated logical rules to create a wide-range of cutting-edge products for document verification.

RKN Pass has been created by the world’s leading experts in identity management and passport and border security. It aims to solve the ongoing security problems of the aviation, banking and hospitality industries and of government agencies by bringing together the best expertise in related fields and the world’s foremost law enforcement experts to produce cutting-edge products and services in document and identity verification.