RKN Global security solutions provide efficient tools for increasing development opportunities while reducing security risks.

Recognizing the well-established principle that there cannot be development without security, RKN Global proposes the country with three important solutions designed to increase real revenue generating business opportunities for the country, its businesses and its citizens while reducing risks that country will become victim to avoidable security threats.

Creation of sovereign security printing industry

RKN Global proposes that the country increase its economic development opportunities while increasing its security and that of its businesses and citizens by putting in place a sovereign printing industry.  RKN Global can provide audited accounts to prove that the creation of such an industry could generate an annual positive cash flow in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Establishing the most advanced security printing facility in the world would allow the country to become fully independent from foreign companies in terms of printing state-of-the-art national passports, ID documents, work permits, residents card, etc.  RKN Global would also provide enable workforce training, full technology transfer for the benefit of the country and its population.

Creation of first-ever combined eID and ePayment cards for eTicketing, revenue generation and stadium safety and security.

RKN Global has identified e-Card solutions for stadium visitor management and Cashless payments to ensure personalized services, financial and security benefits — in line with the FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulations. Our Solution integrates the stadium functional systems – ticketing, access control, vending, catering, payments, loyalty, parking — with the use of the multifunction e-Ticketing card.

RKN Pass — global verification solution for passports and identity documents

RKN-Pass is a state-of-the-art identity management solution that will help to significantly reduce the risks related to incorrect identification of customers of private and public entities — thereby increasing overall security.  The main purpose of RKN-Pass solution is permit the central screening of passports and identity documents by law enforcement within the government via immigration, the police and private sector entities such as airlines, banks and hotels.

RKN-Pass will create a seamless system of passport and identity document screening that will ensure the smooth movement of persons while increasing the likelihood of identifying passports and other identity documents.