Top 4 reasons why you should get vaccinated NOW

The news is full of stories about the COVID-19 vaccine: Which one is better? Which one offers the most protection? However, we hear less and less of the all-important questions about why you should be vaccinated against COVID-19 and what the benefits of these vaccines are.  Considering how many people refuse to get vaccines, these questions are worth answering again.

Hence, here are 4 reasons why you should get the COVID 19 vaccination:

  1. To protect those in your community

There are countless people in our communities who are at a high risk of COVID -19. This includes the elderly, people with underlying health conditions, and people of colour (who appear to be overrepresented in severe COVID-19 cases and deaths). Getting vaccinated can help make vulnerable people safer by minimising their risk of contracting the virus.

  1. The side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines are temporary

The vaccinations do not contain live COVID-19, and you cannot contract the virus from being vaccinated. Instead, the vaccines give our cells instructions for how to create antibodies that can fight the actual virus. The symptoms vary according to each vaccine, but they typically go away in a few days; in fact, some people experience no side effects. 

  1. Prevent your own risk of illness

COVID-19 vaccines are effective, and they can keep you from getting and spreading the virus. After your vaccination, you will be left with a supply of memory T-lymphocytes as well as B-lymphocytes that will remember how to fight the virus in the future. Therefore, you will be at a lower risk of contracting COVID-19, suffering from symptoms, and facing serious complications.

  1. Once you are fully vaccinated, you can start doing more!

The COVID-19 vaccine is the safest and best way to end the pandemic and return to normality. Many countries are introducing vaccination passports, which show proof of vaccination, into their daily life. This means that if you are vaccinated, you will be able to take part in a wider range of public activities. As more people get vaccinated, more establishments, like universities, music and sports venues, and work places can open. Being vaccinated will help you when you travel, as in some cases, you can avoid a PCR test before boarding your plane or catching a train; you may even be exempt from quarantining upon arrival in certain countries.

V. Van Geyzel Kelaart, RKN Global DWC-LLC’s 2021 summer intern, is in the final stages of preparation for university studies.


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