Crime boss hunted by Real IRA secures passport despite travel ban

Alan Ryan

The gangster, whose passport is under a different name, wants to leave Ireland over fears he’ll be killed for ordering the hit on RIRA boss Alan Ryan.

The Irish Daily Star reports that detectives are now racing against the clock to find the passport, which has the gangster’s photograph on it, but is under a different name, before he escapes.

Although the document has been flagged in Dublin airport fears still remain that he may use it in an airport in Northern Ireland.

“The Real IRA are playing with him. They will get him at a time of their choosing and he is terrified,” a source told The Star.

Reports indicate that a Foreign Affairs officials told gardai that the gangster had secured a genuine passport under a different name.

Specialist gardai arrested the man and he appeared in court last week, where he was given bail, despite strong objections by officers.

Sources have revealed that two senior dissident republicans sat in the public gallery of the court for the hearing to show the mobster they were tracking his every move.

The Dublin gangster is on bail for serious criminal charges which could see him jailed for a decade.

He is banned from leaving Ireland as part of that pre-trial release programme.

Gardai believe that a hit on the man is imminent and top brass have taken the rare step of telling officers on the ground that they have to take every available precaution when dealing with him, in case they get caught up in crossfire.

Reports indicate that the gangster and his pal ordered the hit on Alan Ryan after the Real IRA chief threatened to kill them when they refused to pay his €100,000 extortion demand.

This comes just weeks after Alan Ryan’s brother Vincent was slashed across the face while on a busy street in Dublin.


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