Cloud Passport: Australia To Trial Passport-Free Travel

I hate my passport. Hate it. I leave it everywhere, my photo is stupid (mostly because of my stupid face), and they cost a boatload to replace every few years. Australia has signalled that it might be time to leave the humble passport behind, however, with a new passport-free travel trial it’s calling Cloud Passport. […]

Dawood Ibrahim aide Riyaz Bhati arrested with fake passport

After Chhota Rajan’s arrest in Bali on Sunday, the Intelligence Bureau and the police are keeping a close watch on every person who was and is associated with the underworld. The first arrest in this regard was seen yesterday when Riyaz Bhati, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim, was arrested from the Sahar airport with […]

Lesotho: Alleged passport forgery lands Kenyan in court

A Kenyan, Luiz Rihmat Alvez, 22, who is in custody in Lesotho for allegedly forging a Lesotho passport appeared before a magistrate’s court in Maseru for contravening the provisions of section 15 (e) of the Lesotho Passports and Travel Documents Act No. 15 of 1998, APA learns here Thursday. According to the charge sheet, upon […]

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