Serbian to be deported for fake passport stamps

“I am guilty. I am very sorry,” was the plea entered by a so-called ‘student’ from Serbia, charged with having forged a study visa on his passport and making a false declaration to the authorities.

Inspector Victor Aquilina told Magistrate Gabriella Vella that the Police had been informed that the accused, 26-year-old Alexander Pivac, was in Malta illegally, having been granted a study visa but was neither attending nor enrolled in any educational institution.

Pivac was found and arrested in Paceville yesterday. He admitted to the police that he had forged documents to obtain a residence permit and that he had made false stamps on his passport.

A suspended sentence was suggested by both defence and prosecution.

Defence Lawyer Stefano Filletti told Magistrate Vella that the accused wished to plead guilty. “The accused is admitting the charges. He apologised because only now has he realised the serious nature of the offences.”

The accused would also be covering the expense of his deportation, said the lawyer.

In view of the youth’s admission of guilt, the court found him guilty of the charges and handed down a six-month prison sentence, suspended for a year.

The accused will be deported with immediate effect.


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