Oman crime: Omani national arrested for ‘passport fraud’

An Omani national was arrested by the Directorate General of Inquiries and Investigations officers in Seeb, for allegedly deceiving expatriates by promising them to help get Omani passports.

An official said, “The suspect told the expatriates that he would get them Omani passports in exchange of money. As part of the deal, he asked them to pay OMR25,000 in instalments.”

“The suspect then asked the expatriate and his family to come to the passport building wearing the national dress to take the delivery of passports. He showed them two passports and asked the head of the family to give the money. The two passports he was offering as part the deal belonged to someone else. The expatriate got suspicious and reported the case to police,” added the source.

After investigations, Royal Oman Police (ROP) sleuths arrested the man. They found a wireless radio and three vehicles from his possession.

On questioning, the suspect confessed to his crime. He also confessed to two other similar crimes he committed in the past. Those cases were registered with the Muttrah ROP.


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