Passport: students exempt from producing original certificates

The Ministry of External Affairs has waived the requirement for producing original certificates by student applicants while applying for passports, according to the Regional Passport Office.

In a press release issued here, S.Lingasamy, Passport Officer, Tiruchi, pointed out that all passport applicants are required to produce original documents while submitting their passport applications. However, it has come to the notice of the Ministry of External Affairs that some passport applicants, especially students, are unable to produce the original certificates which are deposited with educational institutions.

In order to address the genuine grievance faced by such applicants, the Ministry has decided to waive the mandatory requirement of producing original certificates. In such cases, the passport applicants can submit a certificate from recognised educational institutions stating that he/she is studying in that institution and the original certificates are retained with the institution. The applicants should produce photocopies of such documents duly attested by the educational institution along with a copy of identity card issued by the institution.

In case of any doubt about the genuineness of the certificate, the same will be referred to the issuing authority for verification. The decision of the Passport Issuing Authority will be final in such cases, the release said.

Haj helpdesk

Mr.Lingasamy also disclosed that only those who possess passport which are valid at least up to March 31, 2016 will be permitted to apply for Haj 2015. Applications of Haj aspirants would be processed on priority basis. Passport would be issued in such cases upon completion of requisite documentation, police verification, and other formalities. A special Haj helpdesk would function at the Regional Passport Office at Marakkadai in the city till February 20 to provide information on all queries relating to passport applications, application status, and address grievances.


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