Moniic creates a unique, biometric digital identity based on government-issued ID such as a passport, and permanently links this unique digital identity to a decentralized Blockchain. Important documentation—such as certificates of Covid-19 testing or vaccination status—can be linked to Moniic and authenticated. This creates a digital version of these sensitive documents in a way that cannot be forged or manipulated, thereby eliminating the need for any paper-based process.

Through Digital Identity Verification via Moniic

Instant Digital Identity Authentication and Verification

  • Government-issued documents used to create Moniic can be verified as authentic and valid by the issuing countries.
  • Other countries can put an authenticatable digital stamp proving that they accepted as authentic and valid a government-issued identity document used to create a Moniic digital ID.
  • Authorities in other countries can immediately know with confidence that the Moniic ID is authentic and valid and belongs to the holder.
  • Authorities can validate the authenticity of government-issued documents, like passports, without manual intervention.
  • This can speed up and secure onboarding at airports and at the border, as well as the processing of crowds at different venues; assist immigration authorities in issuing visas and managing visitors; and provide a powerful tool for maintaining the safety of the country’s citizens and residents.


Moniic COVID-19 Pass

  • Countries can easily verify the authenticity and validity of Covid-19 test and/or vaccination certificates and create an internationally verifiable Moniic Covid-19 Pass.
  • The Moniic Covid-19 Pass can instantly show the Covid-19 status of a country’s national with a single scan of an app or with a face scan.
  • Other countries can instantly verify the Covid-19 status of travelers.

Ronald K. Noble is the founder of RKN Global and currently serves as one of its principal consultants.